We have the latest in CCTV gear (drain camera and unblocking equipment) and we are Certified CCTV Operators.

As an EQC Drainage Assessment Panel Member we undertake CCTV investigations and reporting directly for the EQC, we also do this for SCIRT and private property owners.

There are different options of reports we provide. But ultimately we report in writing and provide visual evidence (CCTV footage) on the current status of your Storm Water Pipes and/or your Sewer Pipes, and if you will need to have these repaired.

Pipe Repair and Replace

We are Certified and Christchurch City Council approved Drainlayers. We can work anywhere in Canterbury.

We can unblock, repair and replace any drains at your home, business or workplace. We also provide drainage utility services for New homes and developments!

We also provide Pipe Bursting services. We can Pipe Burst new sewer or stormwater pipes in place of your old damaged pipes. This means there is no need to excavate long trenches through your property to put in drain pipes.


We have substantial resources to undertake drainage projects and siteworks of all sizes and complexity; Including foundations, construction siteworks and earthworks, land remediation, ground engineering, soil stabilisation, etc.

So be sure to contact us regardless of the project size you need completed.

  • Water Jets
  • Trucks
  • CCTV Cameras
  • Diggers
  • Pipe Burst Equipment
  • Heavy Machines

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